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Internet development today is moving almost as fast as our new car * and there's no doubt that businesses who want to capitalise on opportunites must be up with the play to stay ahead of their game.

That's exactly where we want our valued customers to be - right up to speed with exactly what your website can achieve for you. That's the thinking behind our new email newsletter - keeping you up to date with new developments and opportunities to help you get the most out of your website, and your support team - Red Paris.


For your first introduction to RED we want to focus on what you need - Christmas is breathing down our neck and it can be easy to lose site of how  your already outstanding website can help ease the load.


*within legal speed limits of course !

Air Rescue website support


Red Paris is a proud sponsor of the Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust and the Westpac Rescue Helicopter.

We are currently working alongside one of our website business partners, Yellow Pencil Ltd who have developed the Trust's brand and web communications strategy, to extend the functionality of the trust's website as a major part of their educational and fundraising activities.



Focus on yourself

Ideas to impliment on your website:

  • Upload this years Christmas specials
  • Create a more detailed form for enquiries, adding the Christmas specials into it - *
  • Refresh the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on all pages, run an audit and confirm them against your marketing statistics.
  • Social media intergration - do you have a Facebook / Twitter page, ensure it is linked through to your website ... see for an example
  • Christmas newletter - much like ours - *


Things to think about:

  • Whats new in your world ... place it on your website
  • What's coming up ... if you have quiet time over Christmas, update your news and events / create newsletters in advance - *
  • Double check all your branding matches.  Does your printed material reflect your website and vice versa, talk to us about an update on the design of your website template.


How can we help?:

  • Set up a newsletter template - * 
  • Create a detailed enquiry form

Google Adwords are the most cost effective way of letting EVERYONE knows your Christmas deals ... because it's up to you how much you spend!


Find out how to get your specials in front of thousands


* Needs Level 2 - call us now to upgrade if necessary.



Red Paris Referral Programme


We value your business and the trust you have placed in our hands to bring you a successful website.


Now we'd like to offer you something in return, because nobody can sing our praises more than an already satisfied customer!


The Red Paris Referral Programme – a valuable reward to our customers for helping us build Red Paris into New Zealand's most trusted website provider.


Click here to find out how it works and you may get a free baquette !



For more information, contact RED PARIS WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT
Unit 12/9 Craft Place, Middleton, Christchurch 8024, New Zealand. Ph +64 338 2233

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