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Basic Training
It's a fair guess that whether you're in the creative, advertising and marketing industry or actually the 'end-user'  - you don't have an advanced degree in writing binary code for internet applications!


Nor will you ever want one.


Luckily, Red Paris technology has been developed from the user's perspective.  All processes and functions are built to be straightforward, obvious and easy to use.  Many of those processes mirror the basic functions of software programmes that you are probably already familiar with.


Our aim is to make our clients as self sufficient as possible, giving you the confidence to manage your site effectively and efficiently without having to turn to us every five minutes to finish the job.


Usually, a half-day or one-day module which introduces you to the basics of Red Paris technology is all it takes.  It's like showing a greyhound the rabbit - one sniff and you're away !


But don't worry - you're never on your We never too far away to help. own. As our technology is continually enhanced and integrated through your site or suite of sites, we keep you up to date with developments, hints and tips on getting the best out of your website.  You'll have a detailed user manual by your side, our handy "Help" button is only one click away - and if you're simply "having a moment" then a trusty phone call will take you straight to a human who can help.


(And that's a human right here in New Zealand by the way!)


Click here and give us a call. No pressure. Let´s talk,



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