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Email Newsletters

Call them what you want.Connect with your database quickly, easily and creatively.
Online Newsletters, E-Blast - whatever you call them, they work on the same principle : a direct marketing tool which uses e-mail as a means of communicating your messages to an audience.


In this case, your audience is a data-base stored in your website, either added by you or "joined" by someone visiting your site.


Email newsletters are a brilliant tool for connecting with customers and as someone who understands the power of effective communication,  you'll be excited to hear Red Paris website technology provides one of the most  efficient e-news tools and database management systems around.


And you get it with your website !  Built in !


It puts you in touch with your customers monthly, weekly, daily ... hell, you can email 'em every hour if you really, really want too. ( You might just want to think twice about that one. )


And it's really not hard to do.  Red Paris have developed a truly user-friendly interface to help take your website messages out to your audience easily and effectively.


It's as easy as licking a stamp ... only without the crappy aftertaste.




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