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Seach Engine Optimisation.

Do you even know what that means?

There are a lot of website development companies who hope that you don't.  That's so they can charge gazillions of dollars doing something that we feel you should be able to easily do yourself.


Basically, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) means making sure the content, structure, formatting and site layout of your website is "friendly" to the world's Search Engines (like Google and Yahoo) so they can not only find it but also navigate through it. 


Once again, we at Red Paris website technology

So easy, even your Grandmother can find it ! (with all due respect to Grandmothers everywhere XX )

thought " What's the point building a super-simple and cost effective website management system if you have to sell your grandmother so people can find it ?"


So then we thought "Why don't we build all the tools you could ever want into the system so that your website could do it's own SEO, optimising itself ?"


And then we thought "Let's make it super easy to run an audit on the SEO so that you can tell if you're doing it right or wrong and save yourself gazzillions of dollars"?


So we did.



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