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Page Versioning

"Under Construction" must be two of the most frustrating words on the web. Translated, those words mean "We aren't ready to publish new content yet so here's a completely useless page to stare at in the meantime". 




Luckily for you, Versioning is a key feature of Red Paris website technology.


It means that you can duplicate pages on your site and work on a new 'version' until you are ready to publish your content.  Then, simply swap it over to the live site. No more removing pages from your live site to make changes - genius!


There are massive advantages for marketers, designers, advertisers ... in fact, anyone working with page versioning.


It gives you the freedom to prepare all your work, content and design in advance and preview the results 'behind the scenes' before releasing it to the world.


Plus, it's easy to make MULTIPLE VERSIONS and swap content around when you are ready to do so.




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Versioning - Now thats a good ideaVersioning - Now that´s a good idea!


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