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We´ve got a comprehensive help manual that can guide you through using Red Paris Technology





Red Paris technology puts a full Content Managed website system at your fingertips, especially developed to meet the needs of customers who are building and managing websites on a daily basis.


Red Paris has had extensive experience working alongside 'end-user' customers which has allowed us to build technology that is relevant to your requirements, meaning that your site options are packed with features you'll absolutely love to use - and wonder how you ever got by without!



These features include:


Unlimited size sites

Full control of your site content

Flexibility with site design and layout

Page Versioning

Easy management of images and galleries

Video and all the cool stuff

Statistics Management

Search Engine Optimisation control

ENewsletters and mail databases




Best of all, unless you've got the IQ of a paperclip, a basic half-day or one-day Red Paris introduction training course is all you really need to start effectively managing your own site and content.


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