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Don´t just take our word - see for yourself.


The proof is in seeing for yourself - so here's a selection of sites for you to take a look at.


All are built using Red Paris website technology.


All represent businesses and organisations who have embraced a strong web presence and all are designed and managed on a daily basis either by independent creative teams just like you or directly by the client themselves.


Hell, if they can do it - you can do it !


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Oderings Nurseries


Southern Steel Sport 


Air Rescue Canterbury Rescue


Vanessa Wells Actor


Clarks Coachlines Tourism


Fanks PKS Infrastructure Piping


More sites

The Listening Post HiFi Equipment


The Last Ocean Charity Awareness


Goom Landscapes


Guest New Zealand Tourism


econnecx Home Automation


ehayes Retailer







Christchurch Content Mangement Website